Neckmike – LOUD & CLEAR Communication

Neckmike offers a unique and patented headset for powersports and other high noise environments.

  • Contact microphone dramatically reduces wind noise
  • Noise-isolating earbuds combine quality stereo sound with hearing protection
  • Works with or without a helmet!

Intercom | Calls | Music | GPS

Here are a few key benefits of Neckmike:

    1. SUPERIOR FUNCTION. Neckmike’s throat microphone is based on military technology and offers improved performance over traditional open-air boom mics because it picks up your speech near your voice box, and is far less affected by surrounding sounds such as wind noise, engines, traffic, etc.
    2. HEARING PROTECTION. Neckmike’s noise isolating stereo earbuds come with multiple sets of ear plug tips, so you can achieve the best fit for maximum hearing protection and ease of listening.
    3. VERSATILITY. Neckmike is worn by the user and is not hardwired into a single helmet, making it flexible for use with any helmet across all types of powersports— street bikes, dual sports, side-by-sides, snowmobiles and more. It can even be used without a helmet!

Neckmike offers several Bluetooth systems that enable full duplex communication over Bluetooth at a range over 1/2 mile, and are ideal for rider-to-passenger or bike-to-bike communication. The Neckmike M4 Bluetooth unit enables intercom toggling between up to 4 persons in a group and includes a wireless handlebar remote for convenient operation and the Neckmike M3 Bluetooth unit enables intercom toggling between up to 3 persons in a group with glove-friendly buttons.

Neckmike Mobile is a versatile, non-Bluetooth version, that enables you to connect the Neckmike headset to your phone with a cable to make and receive phone calls in noisy environments and listen to stereo music or alerts from your smartphone when not on a call. 

  • Neckmike HeadsetPatented headset includes multiple sets of silicone ear plug tips. Premium foam tips available for purchase.
  • Bluetooth CallingBluetooth 2.0 with EDR for hands-free calling with Bluetooth mobile phones
  • Bluetooth Intercom1,000m full duplex 1:1 intercom (unit-to-unit, no phone required)
  • Bluetooth Stereo MusicSupports A2DP stereo music devices
  • Helmet Mounting ClipBluetooth unit may be placed in pocket for use without a helmet
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery LifeRechargeable 3.7V, 600mAh lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Handlebar RemoteWireless RF remote with rechargeable battery
  • Smartphone CableCoiled extension cable (hardwire) for iPhone and Android devices with inline push-to-answer button

Neckmike M4 Bluetooth

  • 4 (You + 3)Bike-to-Bike or Rider-to-Passenger Intercom (each person requires a separate unit)
  • 9 hour talk/music, 120 hour standby

Neckmike M3 Bluetooth

  • 3 (You + 2)Bike-to-Bike or Rider-to-Passenger Intercom (each person requires a separate unit)
  • 9 hour talk/music, 120 hour standby

Neckmike Mobile

  • hardwire to mobile phone

Neckmike may also be hard-wired to the Garmin zumo 450/550, zumo 660/665 and the zumo 590 GPS navigation devices with an available accessory cable.

Throat microphone is virtually unaffected by
wind noise
Boom microphone is easily overwhelmed by wind
Neckmike is comfortable and unobtrusiveBoom microphone is front-and-center, in the “spit zone”
Neckmike works with any style helmet, and may even be used without a helmetBoom microphone and helmet speakers are hardwired into a single helmet, and are not compatible all helmets
Earbud speakers provide all-day comfortHelmet speakers often press uncomfortably against the ears
Hi-fidelity stereo soundLo-fidelity sound with poor bass response
Silicone earbud tips provide hearing protectionSeparate ear plugs required for hearing protection, making the helmet speakers more difficult to hear
Simple, easy-to-operate Bluetooth features with single button press operationsMultiple button press sequences are difficult to operate with gloves and are confusing to remember
M4 includes wireless handlebar remote for safe and convenient operationRemote control not offered or not included