Markets Served

Neckmike is an ideal solution for any environment where you need communicate and have hearing protection. Neckmike’s patented design includes a throat microphone that is minimally affected by ambient noise (unlike traditional microphones) and noise isolating in-ear stereo headphones that the block out surrounding sounds, while putting the conversation or music directly into the user’s ears. This passive noise cancellation provides hearing protection while enabling the user to hear and be heard, above the noise.

Because it is worn by the person and is not attached to a helmet, Neckmike is flexible for a wide variety of activities:

  • Powersports (street bikes, dual sport, motocross, snowmobile, side-by-sides, ATVs, etc.)
  • Motorsports (road racing, dirt track, rock crawling, drag racing, sand rails, etc.)
  • Industry (manufacturing, processing, production, fabrication, excavation, mining, etc.)
  • First Responders (fire, rescue, police, etc.)
  • Agriculture (farming, landscaping, etc.)
  • General Aviation

Neckmike is only limited by the pursuits of the user, and many customers will use Neckmike for multiple activites, with different cables to connect different devices whether it be a smartphone, Bluetooth intercom, two-way radio, aviation radio, etc.