[tagline_box link=”http://store.neckmike.us/bluetooth-headsets/” button=”Buy Now!” title=”Neckmike enables LOUD and CLEAR communication, regardless of the environment” description=”Neckmike is a patented and unique headset that enables clear communication and hearing protection in high-noise environments such as powersports, industry, extreme sports and more”][/tagline_box]

Why Neckmike?

Neckmike stands alone with a comfortable, functional design that is versatile for use with or without a helmet. Thousands of satisfied customers have proven Neckmike in some of the world’s most challenging settings. If your surroundings are noisy and you need to communicate, Neckmike has a solution for you!Learn More

Neckmike Versions

Neckmike offers several Bluetooth systems that enable full duplex communication over Bluetooth at a range over 1/2 mile- plus calls, music and navigation when paired with your compatible phone or GPS. Our Mobile version is a rugged and lightweight wired headset that enables mobile phone use in noisy environments and stereo music or alerts when not on a call. Learn More

Markets Served

Neckmike is ideal for powersports such as motorcycles, side-by-sides, snowmobiles and more! It is also well-suited for other noisy environments including motorsports, spectator sports, industry, heavy equipment, shops, and agriculture. Neckmike has been used successfully by race car drivers, fire fighters, and wing-suit pilots at 155mph! Learn More

Why Choose Neckmike?

      • Neckmike is lightweight, rugged and affordable
      • Neckmike has a unique throat microphone based on military technology that minimizes the influence of ambient noise
      • Neckmike includes high-fidelity stereo earbud speakers that sound great and double as earplugs to block out unwanted outside sounds
      • Neckmike may be used with or without a helmet, in a variety of applications
      • Neckmike is a unique and patented design, developed to withstand harsh environments

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